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Falling is never
a pretty sight.

To have a bird
fall before
you take another breath,
To have a statue
look at you,
taking that breath.
And they desire
taking that breath.

But still,
we take that breath,
thinking of death,
thinking of despair.

And when we stop
taking that breath.
They still stare,
looking at us

I walk down the street,
I give my breath to
you, statue of
Hoping to redeem my soul.
But, i am insignificant
drowning in solitude
surrounded by people.

"Antonius Block: I want to confess as best I can, but my heart is void. The void is a mirror. I see my face and feel loathing and horror. My indifference to humanity has shut me out. I live now in a world of ghosts, a prisoner in my dreams. "
The Seventh Seal

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On November 15th, 2005 03:05 pm (UTC), zeljana commented:
This is the most beautiful entry I've read in your LJ.
I like your sigs and music choices for every entry. they may or may not be intentional, but they really make sense in regard to what you're writing.
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On November 16th, 2005 07:56 pm (UTC), strngr replied:
thank you..
thank you.
Im not much of a writer, i know that, but thank you.

and as for the music,
well. before writing, i put on some music, so, yes, it is intentional, bcause , well, i guess it provides some mood inspiration.


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